Mission & Vision

To inspire our audiences through exceptional LIVE orchestral performances and programs. - Mission Statement

To be the premier regional orchestra in Illinois, promoting the transformative and universal power of LIVE music. - Vision Statement

Core Values

Excellence: To commit to the highest level of artistic, administrative, and volunteer achievement.

Community Engagement: To foster meaningful relationships throughout our communities through musical performances, programs, and collaborations that engage the hearts and minds of our listeners.

Education: To provide exciting, life changing opportunities and resources for students of ALL ages.

Collaboration: To build our internal and external relationships as we promote accessibility to our organization.

Legacy: To invest responsibly in our present, to plan dutifully for our future, and to nurture our community's investment in us.

Innovation: To foster the creation and exploration of new ideas both on and off stage.


Mission & Vision Statement along with Core Values were adopted by the Illinois Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors on Monday, May 22, 2017.

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