Board & Life Members

Board of Directors

  • John Kauerauf President

  • Dr. Daniel Brownstone Vice President of Governance & Strategic Planning

  • Carolyn Yockey Vice President of Development

  • John Holland Vice President of Marketing & Communications

  • Elaine Cousins Vice President of Community Engagement & Education

  • Debbie Ringer Treasurer

  • Dr. Patricia Rushing Secretary

  • Dr. James Applegate

  • Dr. Ken Berk

  • Carolyn Berning

  • Deanie Brown

  • Erik C. Fines

  • Dee Dee Gain Springfield Guild President

  • Taryn Grant

  • Peggy Hundley

  • Dr. Ann Abbott Joseph

  • Dr. Franklin Larey

  • Robert W. Porter

  • Kathryn Ransom

  • Carole Ringer

  • Betty Scanlon

  • Milt Sees

  • Denny Steele

  • Cathy Wentworth Bloomington Guild President

Life Members

  • Wilma Beatty

  • William Deemer

  • Dr. Charles Eberle

  • Dr. Larry Eggan

  • Mary Anne Elson

  • John Freese

  • John Hayes

  • Roger Hunt

  • Timothy McCormick

  • Martine Paludan

  • Carole Ringer

  • Charles Schweighauser

  • Fred Stericker

  • Dr. Alan J. Stutz

  • Owsley Thunman

  • John Wohlwend

  • Evelyn Yurdin

  • Dr. William Zimmer

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