Itsy Arts: Emotion Commotion

In partnership with the Illinois Arts Station, the fun and engaging Itsy Arts program for pre-school students and their families teach six emotions through music and the visual arts. Itsy Arts program was developed and piloted for two years at Children's Home & Aid in Bloomington. Check out the virtual Emotion Commotion on our YouTube Channel. Links below.

Itsy Arts: Emotion Commotion Program 


Happy featuring Concertmaster Roy Meyer 

Sad featuring Oboist Erik Andrusyak 

Surprised featuring Percussionist Jeremy Brunk

Calm featuring Harpist Ellie Kirk

Angry featuring Trombonist Kevin Dombrowski 

Excited featuring ISO musicians from previous programs. 

Itsy Arts: Emotion Commotion is a virtual education program that introduces six emotions and how we express ourselves through music and art. In collaboration with the Illinois Art Station, every program features a guided art project for children to learn at home. The ISO's professional musicians will perform various music expressing the emotion being presented and will talk about their instruments and musical concepts. 

Introduction: Meet Our Hosts! 

Episode 1: Happiness 

Episode 2: Sadness 

Episode 3: Suprised 

Episode 4: Calm 

Episode 5: Anger 

Episode 6: Excitement

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