Encore Society

Join the Encore Society and become one of the growing number of people who have included the Illinois Symphony Orchestra in their estate plans and/or have made a gift to the ISO Endowment Fund. As an Encore Society member, you will be listed in the program booklet in perpetuity and will recieve invitations to private receptions. More importantly, you will enjoy the grateful thanks of present and future generations of classical music lovers in Central Illinois for years to come. 

  • Dory Berg
  • Sandra & Kenneth Jesse Endowment Fund for Schoolchildren
  • Sall Robinson
  • Phyllis H. Brissenden
  • Mrs. Norman P. Jones
  • Josephine Saner
  • William A. Deemer, Jr. 
  • Debra & Tim Leighton
  • Mildred E. Simmler Trust
  • Charles & Eugenia Eberle
  • Joan R. Marshall
  • Dr. & Mrs. William Sherrick
  • Mary Anne Elson
  • John S. Melin
  • Bill & Nancy Simpson
  • Ann Evans
  • Mr. Gerald Morgan, Jr.
  • Stephen & Lisa Stone
  • Gordon Performing Arts Fund +
  • Grant Mueller
  • Alan & Mary Stutz
  • Ralph & Nancy Hahn
  • PNC Bank
  • Bart & Penny Troy
  • Richard & Carol Herndon
  • Carolyn Oxtoby
  • Louis F. & Laurin A. Wollan
  • Fred & Kathy Hoffman
  • Kathryn Ransom
  • Carolyn Yockey
  • Catherine & John Huther
  • Jerry & Carole Ringer

+ Funds of the Illinois Prairie Community Foundation

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