Our Musicians

Musicians of the Illinois Symphony Orchestra, 2019-2020 Season Roster

Musicians on leave during the 2019-2020 season.

Music Director

Ken Lam Music Director

Violin I

Roy Meyer Concertmaster

Sponsored by Debra & Daniel Brownstone, M.D.

Georgia Hornbacker Associate Concertmaster

Sponsored by Carole & Jerry Ringer

Karen C. Collier First Assistant Concertmaster

Sponsored by Judie Bey

Michael Barta Second Assistant Concertmaster

Sponsored by Susie Shackleton & Pat Dennis

Corina Lobont

Sponsored by Sandy Bellatti

Nathan Banks

Jane E. Polett

Sponsored by Paul & Sandra Harmon

Janice Lee

Sponsored by Mark & Julie Staley

David Goist

Carmen Abelson

Violin II

Alex Norris Principal

Laura Hourt Associate Principal

Chenoa Alamu

Sponsored by Drs. Jerry & Ann Joseph and Jay & Sue Edmondson

JoAnna Park

Courtney Silver

Erik Rohde *

Sponsored by Elaine Cousins

Yu Xin

Michelle Wynton

Daniel Colbert

Sponsored by Leroy Wehrle


Nicholas Jeffery * Principal

Sponsored by William R. Zimmer, M.D.

Erin Rafferty Acting Principal

Roslyn Green Associate Principal

Lisa Nelson

Karen R. Frost

Sponsored by Dr. & Mrs. Richard T. McDaniel

Rachel Sompong

Diane Wuthrich

Christine Bock

Sponsored by Larry & Judy Stack

Carolyn Buying *


Ruth Marshall * Principal

Nomin Zolzaya Acting Principal

Amy Catron Associate Principal

Sponsored by Dennis & Cathy Wentworth

Eric Lenz *

Sponsored by Kathy Hoffmann

Philip Bergman

Sarah Hansen

Sponsored by Peggy Hundley

Jingjing Hu

Allison Chambers

Yeonwoo Seo


Nicholas Adams Principal Bass

Sponsored by Alan & Marty Stutz

David Chapman-Orr Associate Principal

Andrew Tinge

Sponsored by Dennis & Linda Steele

Mathew Burri

Stephen Reichelt

Adam Attard


Kimberly McCoul Risinger Principal

Sponsored by Ann Evans

Amanda Pond

Sponsored by Kathy & Milt Sees

Mackenzie Danner Piccolo

Sponsored by Kathy & Paul Packard


Open Position Principal Oboe

Ann Homann

Sponsored by James Greenwald, DDS

Erin Mashinter English Horn


Dana Hotle Principal

Amanda Hudnall

Sponsored by Barbara & Charles Schweighauser


Timothy McGovern Principal

Sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. John J. Killian

Ben Roidl-Ward

Sponsored by Carolyn & Rich Berning

Michael H. Dicker Contrabassoon

Sponsored by Carolyn & Duane Yockey


Brian Goodwin Principal

Sponsored by Kathryn Ransom & Mary Anne Elson

Paul Clifton-O’Donnell

Sponsored by J. Anthony Nelson

Brad Granville

Sponsored by Richard & Phyllis Cheaney

Anna Mayne *

Sponsored by Dr. Patricia & Randall Rushing

Jessica Pearce Assistant/Utility Horn


Amy Gilreath Principal

Tim McCoul

Sponsored by Colin Burns

Ryan Barwise *


Stephen Parsons Principal

Sponsored by Jerry & Carole Ringer

Kevin R. Dombrowski

Sponsored by George & Mary Lou Farnsworth

Robert Kastner Bass Trombone

Sponsored by Brenda & Harlan Geiser


Mark Moore Principal


David Collier Principal


Andrew Cierny Principal

Jeremy Brunk

Sponsored by Dr. Victoria Nichols Johnson

Jason Yoder


Eleanor Kirk Principal


Maria Horváth Principal

Stage Manager

Joe Taylor

Sponsored by Dr. Judith Everson


Kayla Nunnery

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